Team Unity hosts meet-up on the DNA of Data Privacy
The Unity team in Bangalore hosted a networking and learning session for women technologists based in the city on the significance of and need for Data Privacy. The meet-up was kicked off by Guru Bhat, GM Technology & Head of Engineering during which he spoke on the topic of ‘Privacy in the age of personalization’. Guru shared his views on the crucial need to protect the interests of individuals when collecting and processing critical data. He shared insights on the vulnerabilities the digital age has opened by offering easy access and sharing of personal information;  the repercussions of misuse and privacy laws that exist across the globe.
Guru's session was followed by a heated debate moderated by Anshu Gupta, Senior Manager, Partner Products in which the participants discussed the pros and cons of data availability and dangers and pitfalls of privacy breaches.  Anshu emphasized on the need to strike a balance between data protection and value creation in the age of artificial intelligence. The participants also discussed how data mining and analysis can help solve some of these problems.
Building on the theme, Aruna Rajan, Senior Director, Myntra beautifully detailed how public data has become an economic asset and emphasized the need for stronger mechanisms to ensure data is used for mutual benefit.
Kishore Konakanchi, Head of Product & Engineering and Ansuman Behera, Director, Software Development for Risk Platform discussed the fundamentals of making payments safe, protecting user information and managing risk. They brought to light that for a consumer making payments, convenience, risk and flexibility are their top priorities and with the increase in the number of data breaches, the need for privacy is of paramount importance.
The vote of thanks was delivered by Madhumita Subramanian, Product Manager, India Domestic.
The event was hosted by our in-house emcee’s Garvit Jain and Nikita Singh, members of Toastmasters International, Bangalore. The session was intercepted with ice-breaker games on how fraudsters use different means and techniques to extract your valuable information.

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