PayPal Unity Chennai drives inclusion
PayPal Unity, an affinity group of women and men working together to create more opportunities for women within PayPal Unity Chennai worked tirelessly in 2017 conducting 25 plus sessions to equip women to grow within the company. The team conducted workshops with external speakers; trainings to build leadership skills; social awareness around issues like Breast Cancer; outreach program like Girls In Tech; interaction sessions with visiting senior leaders from across the globe and participation in leading industry forums. The initiatives helped broaden the horizon for women in PayPal equipping them to take on new challenges and helped the next generation explore the world of technology.
Inspiring Speaker session 
Sai Chitra,Chief Portal and Mobile Officer upon how to take an idea to fruition through the“Magic of Execution”.
Speaker Series Swati Bhatia VP- Global Seller Risk, Seller Risk Product, & New Ventures
Get ready for a new year. 3 changes to make now!”. As a leader at PayPal in change and simplification, Swati will provide insight on what kicking off a new year means and how you can make the most of it through driving change.
Speaker Series - Danese Cooper, Distinguished MTS, “Open source Diva”
Being a Woman in the Tech world can seem like a challenge, but one you can master by taking calculated risks.Danese Cooper, Distinguished MTS,“Open source Diva”, will discuss her path from French Literature to CTO of Wikipedia in 12 easy steps. You will get tips for how to make choices and evaluate risks to get where you really want to go in your Tech career.
Women's day program
4 day week long program - includes Panel Discussion with senior leaders, Self-defense session, Financial awareness,  Healthy cooking
Leadership workshop -Influential Communication
Influential Communication - focusing on
• How to communicate clearly with tact and diplomacy
• How to increase your overall impact and influence and get things done
• How to enhance your working relationship
Leadership workshop - Strengths Finder
Clifton StrengthsFinder tells you how you are talented. It identifies what you naturally do best. It provides customized results that name your unique talents. It shows you how you are special and how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths.
Leadership workshop - Lateral Leadership
Be a part of this workshop and discover more about -
• The Big 8 Leadership competencies
• How to use your strengths in leading and influencing
• How to create an environment of collaboration
• How to cultivate good quality relationship
• How to adopt a partnership mindset
Grace Hopper Roadshow
GHCI 2017 - call for submission roadshow. The session will throw light on the application process and tips for creating an outstanding submission. This is for internal and external employees
Unity Session
Session aimed to collect specific feedback from the women folks on the need/expectation from Unity
Girls In Technology - 3 batches
Unity Chennai hosted its annual Girls in Technology program, designed to expose girls to technology and to provide a real-world edge to the concepts they learn in class. This year’s program was a resounding success, with three groups – totaling 60+ girls – over three weeks.
Lunch meet up with Lisa O’Malley, Senior Director, Merchant Team.
Informal networking session with Lisa who met women product owners and senior women folks from Chennai. Touched upon various leadership topics
Personal Branding
Session doneby Nandita Pandey aimed to design your brand of awesomeness. Discover your 'Ultimate success formula' and learn some tools and techniques to manage your personal image
TED session
Another top event for the month that was a huge hit among the audience was the “Learn to Create Slack Bots” session by Pavan Mudunuru.
A hands-on session followed, and attendees left with ideas to start putting this to use in their day-to-day work
Shadow an Leaderprogram roll out
Hands-On Career Development Opportunity: Unity’s ‘Shadow A Leader’ Program.  Through this leadership development program, PayPal women work side-by-side with leaders to gain insights about the skills needed to effectively lead teams, make difficult decisions and drive strategies.
Unity Informal networking Session
We had exciting events in the month of July. “Meet & Mingle” event which started off with a session on “Breast Cancer Awareness” by three of our unity members where we got a better insight on Breast Cancer. The theme is mainly on team collaboration by fun activities. The enthusiastic participants thoroughly enjoyed while untangling themselves, making & breaking balloons and finally by constructing the tallest paper tower.
Speed Mentoring
Hosted quarterly Speed Mentoring session, which was kick started by Peg Raposo – Director, Operational Excellence. The room buzzed with enthusiasm, as more than 25 leaders imparted nuggets of wisdom from their life and career experiences to enterprising mentees.  The feedback, from both the mentors and the mentees, was exceedingly positive and over-whelming – a few of them are - “Thanks for this great platform to connect to leaders”, “Great experience sharing and learning”, “Loved it".
Innovation session
Kanika Subbiah, Entrepreneur and Founder of Cherry Tin talked about “Ideation To Execution”. She was heading corporate strategy, Later executed her idea of gifting by starting CherryTin and expanded to introduce a portal Kanika shared her career journey and shared the ideas and experiences she had with different types of clients. We had more than 40+ women attending this session followed by interactive Q&A.
Networking lunch session
Hosted Networking lunch session with Mairead, Senior Director, Eser Platform - she leads core customer platform. She shared her career journey also few tips for the group in terms of importance of building courage, trying out new things, mentoring and being open to learn.
Speaker Session
We are happy to have Tushar Shah, VP Eserv Platform in the month of August. He shared his secret sauce to success part of which he shared his career journey. Key ingredients to be successful in both professional and personal. Key take away from this session - we should be the ceo for our career, always feel free to talk to your respective leaders, listen and keep learning new skills.
Inspiring Speaker session 
The inspirational speaker series session by Sathish Vaidyanathan will answer the career professional questions that runs in everyone’s mind and help blossom ourselves. Introduced a simple three step model which will touch upon the power of positive thoughts and how we can make a meaningful difference in planning our lives and our career.
We had a workshop on “Drive For Results” - an experiential program focusing on business simulation. This program focused on strategic planning, flexibility, leadership, collaboration, time management, risk-taking, resource management and what not!
Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion: The Age of Empowered Women - interested discussion with Eserv Senior Leaders
Speaker Session
Unity Chennai hosted Speaker Series with Doniel Sutton, SVP People Functions. Top messages from Doniel included the importance of having mentors in our career, staying focused, and continuing to learn. She also gave insights on the roadmap for Diversity & Inclusion 2018. Visiting global people leaders Lybra Clemons, head of Global D&I, and Bee Choo Lim, Sr. Director People Functions, joined Doniel for this event
Tech session
As part of the LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) series, a tech session on FLEX framework was presented by Manu Alagiri and Jagan Prusty. It was a very engaging session as the audience understood the TE flex Replatforming model and were appreciative of the information shared.
Tech Expo Chennai was a huge hit! Deepa VijayaRaghavan talked about Unity's vision, mission and goals. She also took the audience through the Unity journey in 2017 and the future plans for 2018. An interesting logo game and quiz was conducted in between to keep the audience engaged. There was a very good turnout for the session with both men and women participating and found the session exciting and informative. Unity also hosted a photo booth to capture the moment of happiness at tech expo and in sync with this there was also a selfie contest rolled out to share the joy on social networking sites and win exciting goodies for the most number of likes.
Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) focuses on the career, research and entrepreneur interests of women in computing and technology. GHCI 2017 was a huge success with a great participation from the women of PayPal. There were 75+ participants from both Bangalore and Chennai centers who rocked the show with very insightful sessions, poster presentations and overall great participation towards the GHCI conference . Congrats to Poorna Vaidyanathan, Jayashree Sundaresan, Geetha MB, Aeisha Mustafa, Nalini Johnas, Bhaduri Raju Naidu, Deepa Vijayaraghavan, Anshu Gupta, Mahati, Kanika Jain.
Networking lunch session
Unity Chennai celebrated End of Year – 2017 with so much fun and an interactive session. It all started with an ice breaker event for the members to warm up to what was coming next. Then Smita Paul from Talent Acquisition handled a wonderful session on LinkedIn. Next followed was “Unity Pulse Awards” for encouraging the employees to attend more session conducted by Unity. After this the participants of “Shadow a Leader” program shared their feedback on the effectiveness of the program and how it helped them. Finally the whole team went on to have an interactive lunch with Chennai Site Leaders.

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