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Aishwarya SankaraVadivel- From Campus to Corporate!
As a passionate IT graduate stepping into my first job anxiously in 2016, entering the corporate world provided me an opportunity to display accountability, determination and credibility. PayPal indeed is an amazing workplace for a new joinee to a dynamic professional and the opportunities for career growth are truly tremendous. My journey from being a Recent College Graduate Boot to date, every day is been cool with an interesting or challenging problem to solve. As a women technologist, I see that PayPal is an inclusive workplace where I can pitch my thoughts boldly and work on conflicts in a constructive way. The guidance from senior employees and various training programs have helped me transform from a naïve college graduate to a professional . Opportunities to travel to San Jose provided me with exposure and a different dimension on "why we do" what we do.
It became a celebration with motivation when 200+ women from PayPal India gathered together for the Grace Hopper Conference. It also gave me something to brag about, as PayPal was one of the top 10 companies who made their scintillating presence by exhibiting the stupendous culture and collaboration amongst the 20k people and adding to my excitement was that I won the VISA Ideate content for Transforming Payments for “Not contactless, Go cardless” strategy. I am eagerly looking forward to contribute, share and grow together.
Nawaz Khan- Digital Accessibility in Financial Services
I have been working for PayPal Accessibility for eight years. I am excited about the fact that people in most parts of the world can send or receive money, and can access their financial information themselves. Globally, more than 1 billion people need one or more assistive products.  It feels good to have contributed for PayPal’s open source accessibility projects - skipto Menu, PayPal Bootstrap Accessibility plugin, HTML5 Accessible Video Player and AATT an Automation Tool for Accessibility Testing! 
The most unforgettable moment for me at PayPal, was during the launch of our mobile app. It was a huge company-wide effort to make the app both responsive and accessible. One fine morning, one of my visually challenged friends, pinged me on Twitter and shared his post which was a recording from a blind screen reader user, on how nicely the new PayPal app works with Android Talkback! It was a WOW moment for me. I'm happy that we are continuing our journey to be more inclusive for our customers.
Jayashree Sundaresan- Sustainable and successful career growth
Leadership is all about how one can positively impact lives around them. As I reflected on my leadership journey, I could see that these are the key take away:
Be Self-aware: Do you know yourself well? Do you spend time introspecting, trying to understand yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your thoughts, your values, your beliefs, your motivations, your attitude? How do other people perceive you? Have you asked people around you – your friends, your family, your teachers, your siblings, your colleagues? Few examples: If you see persistent is your strength, use it in a job interview; explain how you overcame a difficult situation. If you see that you are an optimistic person, use that in a team setting to motivate people. Become aware of your strengths so that you can leverage it better. Become aware of weakness to make sure they don’t become road blocks in your path.
Be fearless: One of the things I have learnt about myself over the years is that I am quite fearless. I ask myself this question when I'm in doubt - “What’s the worst that can happen?” It helps you get comfortable with the worst possible scenario and then it doesn’t seem so scary anymore. With that, you would be open to trying new things and take risk.
Intrinsic inspiration: Someone asked me this question once. What is more important for success - supportive eco system or intrinsic inspiration? To me, it is Intrinsic inspiration. Even when you don’t have a supportive eco system, having that intrinsic inspiration within yourself & motivation to challenge things around you, you can be successful. You have a responsibility to demonstrate your passion, bring something unique to the table. Whatever opportunities come your way, take it up whole-heartedly, think through end-to-end, take ownership of it and execute it well in a way that nobody else could have done it better. Even if you don’t do great things, do small things in a great way
Madhumitha Subramanian- Around The World In…..
As a Software Engineer I was always intrigued about the complex challenges and would often think of ways on ‘how’ a solution to a problem could be achieved. Over time, I began to wonder ‘what’ the problem really was and ‘why’ it was important to be solved. It was this inquisitiveness to learn the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and a deep interest in acquiring cross-functional knowledge that made me apply for Technology Leadership Program (TLP) in PayPal. TLP is two year rotational assignment program where an employee gets exposed to different parts of business across different geographies through a series of four assignments that are 6 months each. It provides a rich experience and a good networking opportunity.
In the first year of this program, I got an opportunity to work with the South-East-Asia regional business unit in Singapore and the Global cross-border trade team in New York. I realized that there across the world people are constantly striving to identify customer needs, bridge the gaps in the product and come up with creative competing ideas. After this I could understand more on the "why" part when we translate customer requirements into product. Now, as I step into the role of a Product Manager for my third rotation in Bangalore, I am super excited and equipped to launch products for PayPal by connecting all the business learnings and the technological expertise that I have acquired over the years and specifically in the last one year. I was guided by fantastic mentors who have provided me invaluable advice and brought a different perspective.
TLP has empowered me to realize my true potential as an individual and as a leader. It has given me a renewed sense of confidence and made me stronger both personally and professionally. I’ve met some great people, had many first-time experiences, embraced and enjoyed new cultures through this exploration. Finally, this journey has taught me the most important lesson so far – understanding who I really am, loving myself and being able to maintain a stable mind irrespective of what happens outside, is my definition of true independence.
 Kanika Singh- Inspired by the inclusive workplace!
During my time at PayPal, I’ve had the unique opportunity to take part in the transition of domestic India business from idea to execution. The India business has grown over the past few months and so has the team. I could feel the strong sense of inclusion and collaboration in our rapidly expanding team. I like the way we empower each other to deliver and execute our ambitious plans, regardless of the tenure, age, culture, gender and skills.
This environment has helped me to bridge gaps between different functions and teams in order to deliver clear and consistent products tailored to the needs of our merchants and customers. Having spent most of my life moving from country to country, I learnt that the most inspirational and successful individuals prioritize collaboration over all else. This workplace encourage us to contribute our two cents and for great innovations. At PayPal, I feel a sense of belonging. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such talented folks!

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