PayPal and Shopify strengthen partnership in India
The Indian spirit of entrepreneurship is growing. According to a survey,83 percent of the Indian workforce would like to be an entrepreneur, far above the global average of 53 percent.  To fuel this spirit, PayPal, and Shopify announced an expansion of their partnership in India. PayPal is now available as a preferred payment option for Shopify merchants, looking for the convenience of a single account for their domestic and international transactions.
Shopify gives these merchants a platform to help design and run their online store along with access to third- party integrations for addressing everything from marketing to logistics, and PayPal helps build trust between merchants and consumers. With its focus on risk and security and features like Seller Protection, PayPal plays a key role in enabling merchants to grow their business in India and across the globe. PayPal facilitates smart and secure online transactions and protects merchants against unauthorized payments and reversals due to fraud and 'items not received’ claims.
Speaking on this partnership, Devendra Trivedi, Director, Channel Partnerships, PayPal India said, “Partnerships are core to PayPal’s growth strategy and it gives me immense pleasure to announce an expansion of our engagement with Shopify. Shopify has been helping merchants take the first step towards online selling and we bridge the trust gap between merchants and consumers, by ensuring safe and secure transactions in India as well as across 200 markets. Together with Shopify, we hope to make a positive contribution to the Government’s Make in India initiative.”
“Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs all over the world. Today 600,000+ businesses across 175 countries use Shopify.” said Shopify Director of BRIC Sandeep Komaravelly. “Over the last few years we have seen the rise of a new Indian era, where budding entrepreneurs want user-friendly technologies to build phenomenal businesses. With PayPal, Shopify aims to provide a seamless payment experience for sellers in both their domestic and international markets. Shopify's thriving partner ecosystem of apps and services will continue to deliver enhanced solutions for the Indian market, powering a new economy between merchants and service providers.”
The Indian e-commerce industry is expected to cross $100 billion mark by 2020, presenting tremendous opportunities of online selling in the country. Shopify encourages the merchants and small and medium enterprises in India to set up their own online stores to tap e-commerce opportunities in India and abroad as well.

PayPal India 

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