Nurturing the spirit of Innovation
Innovation needs time to develop. However, no one ever feels like they have time to spare anymore. People get so consumed with putting out fires and chasing short-term targets that most can’t even think about the future. This is why we at PayPal have constantly focused on not letting the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ die by including innovation as one of our core cultural tenets.
We believe that nothing will propel a company further than a culture of innovation: an atmosphere that inspires employees, every day they're at work, to seek out innovative opportunities. A strong belief that we have at PayPal is that innovation instills creativity which can be directed towards enhancing productivity. Enabling innovation and creating amazing experiences for PayPal’s customers is at the heart of the company’s global success. Fostering that spirit in our employees will take them a long way in their careers with us and beyond.
This culture of innovation could have different highlights for different employees.
Take Aravind and Madhumitha for example, who believe that having a culture of innovation greatly helps in breaking the monotony and reduces stress at work. They believe their journey at PayPal has given them the perfect platform to explore their true potential. What sets PayPal apart for them is the creativity they get to experience here, the freedom to experiment and the opportunity to learn something new every day.  
An exceptional work culture is one where employees proactively work towards creating a customer centric approach, thus making innovation a part of everyday life. For Dheeraj and Anubhav, working at PayPal has been an enriching experience as it has been the perfect avenue for them to work on developing path-breaking and cutting-edge solutions.
Innovation is about taking an idea to the last mile, and Subbu and Anish both believe that PayPal has given them the opportunity to add value to the company and the customer, while also allowing them to look at work from a fresh perspective.

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