The second season of "PayPal Innovation Ideal World" podcast series launched
04 Dec 2020

PayPal Innovation Lab launched PayPal Innotopia Podcast Series Season 1 in July 2020 by sitting down with leading Asia-based innovators, from serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to corporate executives in APAC, revealing their stories, and highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities they’ve discovered in the Asia market.

In the second season of Innotopia Podcast Series, we explore how companies are innovating in the digital economy and more importantly how they’re navigating the new normal. We speak to merchants, entrepreneurs and PayPal employees across different verticals on the impact of COVID-19, how we can better prevent digital fraud, improve cybersecurity through PayPal enabled features, and innovate with technology. We also discuss ways in which retailers are utilizing digital tools to better serve their customers online and offline. 

Our first episode of this season’s Innotopia Podcast features a conversation between Phoram Mehta, APAC Chief Information Security Officer at PayPal and Silvia Thom, CTO at Zalora. They shared insights into using the best security measures for customers shopping on their online platform.

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